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SOAPBOX SYMPOSIUM with John Reynolds

SOAPBOX SYMPOSIUM… Consultation and gossip eyeball–to-eyeball with an actual artist!

Bring a cup of The Think Drink (aka coffee by Coffee Supreme) and come and talk, one-to-one with artist John Reynolds. Please form an orderly line for conjecture, idle talk and maybe an earful on any topic of your choice … let’s advance: ‘contemporary practice and the market place?’ / ‘How good coffee enhances the art making impulse, and the desire to talk about it…?’ / ‘Can art collecting contribute to ideas around ‘resistance’ in these Trumpian times?’ / ‘Why you should sell your expensive and depreciating motor vehicle, and pile into art!’ … for starters

Designed with architect Malcolm Walker, and an aesthetic of dialogue and ‘refreshment’, John’s booth will be alongside Daily Bread, at the Auckland Art Fair. Come and talk with John Reynolds any day between 1pm-5pm and also at the Art Party on Friday evening.


the SOAPBOX SYMPOSIUM booth alongside Daily Bread, until Sun 27 May 2018. 1:00pm-5:00pm.