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Interlude Gallery

“Interlude Gallery is a node in your navigation, a plateau in our urban topography, the silence in a rousing speech, but above all, Interlude is a living Organism”

– Directors

Interlude Gallery opened to the public in 2015, and has since been running as a Sydney based non-for-profit organisation, transforming and expanding with the invaluable voluntary participation from our dynamic group of Australian and Mexican collaborators and contributors. Interlude invites the general public to participate, to transform paradigms through art as a way of living and living as a way of art.

Interlude Gallery dedicates its resources to creating conversation around the multiple facets and directions of the Australian and International contemporary art practice. The Gallery is a space of physical and conceptual transformation, refuting the idea of the ‘white cube’ by prioritising our curatorial approach to the subject as well as the objects. Interlude Gallery breaks through categorisation and still prevailing dichotomies in the art ecology, embracing the concept of impermanence and chance at the core of its values. Interlude is a middle ground for ideas and dialogue.