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Michael Bugelli Gallery

  • Ingle Hall, 89 Macquarie St
  • Hobart, TAS, Australia
  • PO Box 151 Hobart TAS 7001
  • Australia

Michael Bugelli Gallery was initiated from Ingle Hall, a persisting Georgian building opposite the Hobart Town Hall. The gallery makes an offer that is difficult to define, but which brings to its principals, artists visitors and clients frissons of pleasure and matters for reflection. Part house museum, part contemporary gallery, part event site, it is somewhere between cheekiness and provocation that our exhibitions are presented in our home, and that from time to time our artists stay, play, exhibit and work in a heritage space in the centre of Hobart. This collision of the old and the new suits our artists. We push the idea further by exhibiting their work (often in a mix of media) in conjunction with specially-curated selections of antiques that resonate with the themes and interests of each show.