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Millers O’Brien

  • Level 1 Mibar Building, 85 Victoria Street
  • New Zealand

Established in July 2018, Millers O’Brien is the newest contemporary dealer art gallery in central Wellington, New Zealand. Directors Jhana Millers and Laila O’Brien represent a considered stable of early, mid, and late-career artists. With its location on the first floor of the heritage-rated Mibar building on Victoria Street, known for its wavy canopy and ceramic tiled exterior, Millers O’Brien is a fresh addition to the Wellington art scene and caters to both new and established art collectors and gallery goers.

Represented Artists

Scarlett Cibilich
Harry Culy
Lucy O’Doherty
Moniek Schrijer
Kāryn Taylor
Christopher Ulutupu
Erica van Zon
Denys Watkins


Jhana Millers
Laila O’Brien