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  • 1/233 Willis Street
  • Wellington, New Zealand

play_station is an artist run space located in Wellington, established in 2016 at 8 Egmont Street, now residing at 1/233 Willis Street. The ARI is ran by a group of five artists that facilitates exhibitions from local, national and international emerging artists with an emphasis on ambitious practice based projects. Since 2016, play_station has had over 60 exhibitions and recently participated in HOBIENNALE 19, Hobart, Australia in 2019, Auckland Art Fair in 2019 and an exchange exhibition with a renowned Mexico City ARI called Biquini Wax EPS in 2018.


Exhibition Schedule:

Tyler Jackson
Wednesday 29 April

Emerita Baik
Thursday 30 April

Owen Connors
Friday 1 May

Robbie Handcock
Saturday 2 May

Turumeke Harrington
Sunday 3 May