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Be it for home or office, adaptation and expandability in all spatial dimensions is the basic principle behind USM Modular Furniture. Timeless in design, it sits beautifully beside your artworks.
Like life itself, our living spaces are in a constant state of change. Trends and individual preferences evolve regularly. Things come and go, whether it is as a result of technological innovations, growing collections or a pending move. But one thing is always true: Our living spaces reflect the way we think and feel. This is where we spend our time, relax, and enjoy life. Furnishings that can move and grow with us, and take on new roles, are a prerequisite.
USM, from Switzerland, has stood for modularity coupled with value for about 50 years. With the highest quality materials, Swiss styling, modifiable functionalities and timeless design, USM Modular Furniture is much more than just an everyday aid: it is a future oriented asset. And it will be for many years to come.
USM Modular Furniture is available exclusively in New Zealand through ECC.