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Day 16: McNamara Gallery Photography

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

McNamara Gallery Photography represents a large number of New Zealand and some international photographers. It is dedicated to exhibiting and promoting lens-based media, exploring the range of practice both materially and conceptually.

Artists in New Zealand use a wide range of methodologies, embracing early photographic processes and new digital technologies. Although the computer offers unlimited possibilities for the perfection of a photograph, a good number of photographers prefer instead to seek the limits of the medium. However, with analogue cameras, film, paper and chemicals becoming like endangered species, artists need to be resourceful. It is the image that counts; there needs to be concordance between the medium and the ideas being expressed.

McNamara Gallery Photography’s exhibit is entitled Available light: imagining more than we see. Using available light, darkness becomes both tool and subject. Seemingly unremarkable objects and spaces unpredictably assume a mysterious otherness and transience when emancipated from full light, allowing our imaginations to create the narrative, a perceptual or psychological truth.

Exhibited Artists: Laurence Aberhart, Wayne Barrar, Andrew Beck, Joyce Campbell, Ben Cauchi, Lisa Crowley, Anne Noble and Fiona Pardington.

Image: Laurence Aberhart Interior #3, hall, Tataraimaka, Taranaki, 22, 2010, Toned gelatin silver contact print, 194 x 245 mm

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