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Day 23: RH Gallery

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Expect the unexpected from RH Gallery at this year’s Auckland Art Fair.

Scott Eady makes disruptive and troublesome sculpture that confounds expectations of the medium, unsettling the viewing experience through provocation, frustration or rogue humour.

With Wasters, 2013, Raewyn Atkinson exploits uncontrollable and unexpected disorder; seeing the destabilisation of the form as a metaphor for personal and environmental frailty. Providing inspiration and hope, her porcelain fragments create unexpectedly beautiful new forms.

Madeleine Child’s new series Caramel Corn, 2013 will expand her Popcorn trajectory of organic fecundity, with the bursting pods cliché and enticement.

Rohana Weaver will exhibit a new series of conceptual mirror wall works which explore the gap between hope and reality in utopian and post-utopian motivations and actions.

Founded in December 2007, RH Gallery, located at 243 Old Coach Road, Upper Moutere, near Nelson, was established to champion a programme of exhibitions of contemporary art of a national and international standard. The Gallery’s Director and Principle Curator Rebecca Hamid has developed the exhibition programme towards a generation of artists who are transforming the way art is made and presented, focusing on the idea or concept behind an artwork over expressive or descriptive aims.

Exhibited Artists: Scott Eady, Madeleine Child, Rohana Weaver, Raewyn Atkinson, Clare Flemming and Fiona Lees.

Image: Scott Eady Dear Jonathan, you were wrong (2010) Bronze, enamel paint, biscuit tin, cellotape

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