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Day 41, Whitespace

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Auckland gallery Whitespace represents many of New Zealand’s senior artists, alongside outstanding emerging and mid-career talent.

The gallery presents a vigorous exhibition programme of New Zealand and Pacific contemporary art, along with regular international projects. The most recent of these is CURRENT: Contemporary Art from New Zealand and the Pacific, which runs until August 8th at the October Gallery, Bloomsbury, London, and features Andy Leleisi’uao, James Ormsby, Filipe Tohi, Nic Moon, Virginia King and Reuben Paterson. Whitespace is also committed to many public and community art projects.

At the Auckland Art Fair 2011 Whitespace will exhibit work by Nigel Brown, >Greer Twiss, James Ormsby, Virginia King, Don Binney, Graham Bennett, Garry Currin and Steve Woodward.


Picture: Graham Bennett, Auger/Augur, rotating exterior sculpture, wind responsive, 2011, stainless steel.

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