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Monday, May 4, 2020

When artists make things that people can use, it is often called functional art.

Think highly-crafted artistic and aesthetic creations that perform utilitarian jobs, like a light, a seat or a screen.

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert is an expert and specialist in this field, and we delighted she is showing with us in our first ever Virtual Art Fair.
To introduce Sally’s gallery we’ve compiled our top 5 functional artworks that are available from her gallery.

1. David Tate’s, Emu Stools. Titled ‘At Rest’, every emu feather was hand washed and pressed before being sewn into the stool.

2. Darren Fry‘s cordless table light made with hand-blown glass, European maple and white gold leafing – also available as a pendant light.

3. Trent Nathan and Johnny Nargoodah‘s ‘Ngumu Janka Warnti (All Made from Rubbish) High Back Chair’, – made from New Zealand Leather and aluminium.

4. Edward Waring‘s Champagne Table …


5. Rive Roshan‘s Colour Dial Tables….

To see more of these beautiful objects, please click here.

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