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Please, don’t take me into another gallery.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C’mon, there’s no such thing as too much art!

I was lucky enough to catch The Artist is Present, a major retrospective of performance artist Marina Abramovich at MoMA last month. It was a confrontational show, one that turned heads and a few stomachs, and was courageous on the part of both the artist and the museum.

Abramovich says the best thing an artist can leave behind is a good idea. That being the case, then Louise Bourgeois, the grand Dame of the Uncanny, who died late last month, left behind an extraordinary legacy and anthology of work.

In May, New York celebrated its first Gallery Week (not to be outdone by Sydney who did it first, in April, and for a month!) Their aim was ‘to ignite the city’s art scene and direct focus back to artists and galleries’. Sounds good to us. Aucklanders can expect to experience one of their own in the not too distant future…

Art Basel, the mothership of all art fairs opened this week in Switzerland. Taking part from this side of the world this year are Michael Lett, showing Sriwhana Spong at Art Statements, and Anna Schwartz with Shaun Gladwell at Art Features.

Lastly, congratulations to art critic and poet Ian Wedde on his ONZM for services to art and literature and to curator Charlotte Huddleston who takes over the Directorial role from at St Paul Gallery, AUT.

Jennifer Buckley

Director – Auckland Art Fair

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