The Art Talks

The Art Talks

What is art’s value?
Friday 3 March


Christina Barton in conversation with John Gow, Natalie Tozer and Raukura Turei

We are living in a moment when the market seems to rule. But is art worth only the money we are prepared to pay for it? How do we define art’s value? Who decides and with what criteria? What other measures should we apply when thinking about why art matters? These and other questions are posed to artists and art professionals occupying different niches in the art system. With gallerist, John Gow; artist and founder of mothermother, Natalie Tozer; and artist, Raukura Turei.

What can collecting do?
Saturday 4 March

Christina Barton in conversation with Hamish Coney, Dan du Bern and Zac Langdon-Pole

Collecting is a human trait, an individual activity that helps us define who we are: our interests, tastes, and social place. But how does the activity and its end products contribute to culture at large? As prices rise and budgets shrink, how well are public institutions coping with their collecting responsibilities? How has the activity of collecting changed over time? These and other questions are addressed by both the agents and beneficiaries of collecting. With art consultant, curator and writer Hamish Coney; gallerist Dan du Bern; and artist, Zac Langdon-Pole.

Where is art heading?
Sunday 5 March

Christina Barton in conversation with Judy Millar, Ryan Moore, Shiraz Sadikeen and Reuben Friend

How is art adapting to the changes, pressures, possibilities and challenges we are facing as individuals, as a society, a nation, and as global citizens and consumers? What lies ahead for the art world? Christina Barton invites a range of art world insiders to crystal-ball gaze about art’s future. With artist, Judy Millar; gallerist, Ryan Moore; artist, Shiraz Sadikeen; and artist, curator and co-founder of ART LDGR, Reuben Friend.

The Art Talks is made possible with generous support from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.