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Lu Yang

Born 1984, she currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. Yang graduated from the New Media Arts Department of the China Academy of Art with a MFA in 2011.

Lu Yang studied new media under Zhang Peili – commonly known as the father of video art in China.  Her works revolve largely around her interest in sub-culture with biological and technological art as her main forms of media. She says: “Having a skeptical stance towards ethics in art and morality issues, I have chosen to express and explore my creative concept through the employment of living organism and technological art in my work.”

Many of her works stem from ideas about biology, death, sex, and living systems. Recent solo exhibitions have included Electromagnetic Brainology, Spiral , Tokyo, Japan, 2018; Encephalon Heaven, M Woods Museum, Beijing, China, 2017; Delusional Mandala, MOCA Cleveland , USA, 2017; and Delusional Mandala,Space Gallery, Portland , USA, 2017. She has featured in group shows such as ONE WORLD EXPOSITION 2.2#like4like, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, 2018; Customized Reality: the Lure and Enchantment of Digital Art, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2018; and Ballade –Animamix Contemporary Art, Macao Museum of Art, Macao, China, 2017.

China Import Direct will feature Lu Yang’s Delusional Crime and Punishment (2016).  As written in Frieze Vol 201, published March 2019:  In Delusional Mandala (2015), Lu digitally reconstructs herself as a sexless test subject for a series of neurological experiments, dancing and flailing as it is scanned, syringed and reincarnated in the image of Buddhist figures, eventually speeding across a desert landscape in the guise of a neon-lit truck-cum-hearse-cum-shrine. Its sequel, Delusional Crime and Punishment (2016) begins with the figure of a Judaeo-Christian god, proceeds through a few circles of hell before arriving in a survival-horror-style industrial facility presided over by a rather hunky rendition of the horned Satanic deity Baphomet.

Image: Lu Yang, LuYang Delusional Crime and Punishment, 2016, still image. Courtesy of the artist and Société Berlin.