Čuvar Winery, the flagship brand from Fistonich Family Vineyards, was launched in 2023 by the legendary Sir George Fistonich. With inspiring energy and a lifelong dedication to pioneering progression in the wine industry, Sir George’s vision comes to life through Čuvar, a testament to his iconic status as a wine entrepreneur.

Founded with a commitment to preserving and nurturing the essence of New Zealand fine wine, Čuvar Winery is more than just a winemaking establishment – it’s a guardian of tradition and innovation. Sir George, renowned as the founder of the iconic Villa Maria, embarked on this new venture to contribute to the ongoing story of New Zealand’s rich winemaking heritage.

The name Čuvar, pronounced “chu-var,” holds deep significance, translating to “guardian” in Croatian. Čuvar pays homage to the Croatian wine & viticultural pioneers and many others, who played an important part in shaping what New Zealand’s wine story is today.

Čuvar Winery sits beside terraced vines overlooking the Pacific Ocean, planted by Sir George himself three decades ago in Bayview, Hawkes Bay.

Čuvar Winery is delighted to share its wines as the official Wine of Aotearoa Art Fair.