Squiggla Making Space

On the verge of invention – with Squiggla!

The Squiggla Making Space presents INVENT 2024 at the Aotearoa Art Fair 2024. Squiggla’s creative mark making programme offers hands-on, playful ways to experience the joy of creative invention, tapping into your intuition and imagination. Creative experiences are important for everyone, from confident creators to curious participants wanting to become more experienced in creative activities. Squiggla offers the freedom to rediscover the creative process and the joy of creating and inventing freely through an infinite variety of marks, dots and lines. 

Why get hands-on at the Art Fair? 

Squiggla is a gateway to deeper aesthetic engagement with the artworks at the Fair, so collectors, visitors and families are encouraged to get hands-on at the Squiggla Making Space.  Through free flow mark making, following the flow of a pencil mark on the page, every participant can become more alert to the visual world around them at the Fair.  Bring workmates, families and collector group members to see us on Level 1 as Chartwell celebrates its 50th Anniversary. 

All images credit to David St George