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Peter Panyoczki

Peter Panyoczki is a highly regarded mixed media artist, working in a hybrid of forms and mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital technology.

A common feature in Panyoczki’s works is the presence of texture, be it actual surface texture or the representation thereof in photographic media. The textured surfaces are evocative, forming notions of one’s past and inner self, or that which has been buried and forgotten.

Today Panyoczki lives between New Zealand and Switzerland – he is permanently on the move and this is reflected in his work. In October 2018 Panyoczki completed a three month residency in Vladivostok, Russia.

Panyoczki joined ARTIS in December 2017. He exhibited in a joint show with John Blackburn in February 2018 and exhibited with ARTIS at the Auckland Art Fair 2018. His first solo exhibition with ARTIS opens on Tuesday 5 November 2019.