Untitled (Wet and dry spaces for healing)
VR rendered film still image.

Biljana Popovic’s Untitled explores the coming together of journey, migration, and New Zealand identity in an immersive VR world which invites viewers into a rich, bespoke digital environment. Taking inspiration from the great New Zealand road trip, which operates as a framing device for the narrative of Popovic’s work, audiences experience a spoken word narration which explores the concepts of migration, displacement, alienation and its opposites – rootedness, vulnerability and belonging. Through the virtual experience, Popovic’s work dramatises how memories can be embodied and remembered, dormant until they are activated in space. 

The artist states, “the work connects psychoanalytic notions of drive (as it relates to libidinal desire) with an exploration of driving as a prominent theme in iconic Kiwi pop music over the last 50 years. Through the use of collected anecdotes, art history research and emotions research, the work seeks to paint a portrait of the alias of our national collective unconscious” 

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Biljana Popovic has been commissioned to create new work for the 2022 Aotearoa Art Fair with generous support from Tiffany & Co.

Image: Biljana Popovic, Untitled (Wet and dry spaces for healing) 2022. VR rendered film still image. Courtesy of the artist.