Tanya Martusheff is invested in the materiality of everyday objects from sand to soap. Her recent body of work comprises extruded soap cast in tubular steel structures, which are exhibited in different formations. Speaking to minimalist and anti-form histories, Martusheff will extend these ideas, creating a series of tubular handrails and drainpipes of extruded soap, installed in random places and at random heights throughout the fair. As part of the installation, the artist has created a series of soap medallions that will be given to visitors at the Fair. 

Tanya Martusheff will be activating her work on Wednesday 24 February at 1pm and Friday 26 February at 11am and 2pm, respectively.

This new work has been commissioned with the generous support of Creative New Zealand.

Image: Tanya Martusheff, Slough – 40mm, Stainless steel handrails, soap, cough syrup, marker ink, installation dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist.

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