James Drinkwater

Saturday 20 April, 1:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Nanda\Hobbs

James Drinkwater in conversation with Gallery Director Ralph Hobbs about his body of work titled Fronte Oceano (ocean face).

“Fronte Oceano Blue pushed out from underneath. It’s the sea, it’s the sky, it’s the harbour; it’s the deep well of your eyes, behind them an ocean and its contents. I feel as if I’m coming up for air and the paintings now have lungs. Fronte Oceano (ocean face) is an intimate navigation of life by the sea. For the first time, I’m not only looking down into rock pools or across the sea floor, but also out and above into the infinite. I’m emptying the minds of my loved ones onto the canvas—specifically the cinema of dreams.” – James Drinkwater, 2024