Andrea Bolima in conversation with Grace Wright

Thursday 17 Nov 2.00pm 
Location: Aotearoa Art Fair, Föenander Galleries

Andrea Bolima (b.1991) is a visual artist, born in the Philippines and is now based in Naarm/Melbourne. Andrea Bolima’s adventures in aesthetics are fuelled by the visual qualities of experience from the actual process of painting. The artworks reveal the layering and unlayering of forms as structural elements slowly unfold and sometimes deteriorate. Bolima’s sensitivity to her surroundings can be seen from the subtle shifts in tone and delicate splashes of colour. Tonal variations demonstrate the different levels of intensity that emerge from the materiality of paint. Colours are blended and established on the canvas itself showing her mediation between careful considerations and random gestures.

Andrea will be in conversation with artist Grace Wright, about Andrea’s recent body of work produced at the Föenander Residency.