Let’s Talk Art: How Art Informs Creative Process


Let’s Talk Art, Viaduct Events Centre
Sunday 21 April, 11:30PM – 12:15PM

Join us for a captivating discussion on how art influences creative practices across different fields. Chef Peter Gordon of Homeland Restaurant, architect Andrew Patterson, fashion designer Kate Sylvester, and restaurateur Tom Hishon of Kingi Restaurant will share insights on how art inspires their work. From culinary arts to architecture and fashion, this diverse panel will explore the intersections between art and their respective fields, offering a unique perspective on the role of creativity in shaping our world.

This talk is presented as part of Let’s Talk Art, the talks programme at the 2024 Aotearoa Art Fair, held from 18 – 21 April at the Viaduct Events Centre. To attend this talk, purchase a ticket to the Fair.


Peter Gordon


Peter Gordon, Chef, Author and Co-Founder of Homeland with his partner Alastair Carruthers. Peter has been collecting Art for as long as he got his first wage packet, even though he only scored 31% for School Certificate Art at Whanganui High School. A collector of ceramics, sculpture, weaving, figurative painting and Näive art Peter loves the emotion a singular object can evoke, the genius of creation.


Andrew Patterson is a New Zealand Gold Medal Architect, perhaps best known in the art world for the design of the Len Lye Centre. He is Design Director at Patterson Associates, where last year their Ravenscar Museum in Christchurch was awarded Best Cultural Building in the world, at the prestigious 2023 World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

Kate Sylvester


Kate Sylvester is a renowned New Zealand fashion designer known for her unique and sophisticated womenswear collections. She founded her eponymous label in 1993 in Auckland, New Zealand, and her designs often feature bold prints, tailored silhouettes, and vintage inspiration. Sylvester has gained international recognition for her innovative designs, with a strong presence in the Australian fashion market. She collaborates with various artists and designers on special projects and maintains a key focus on sustainability in her brand’s production practices. Sylvester’s designs have been worn by celebrities and influencers worldwide, solidifying her position as a leading figure in the New Zealand fashion industry.


Tom Hishon is a chef with a global culinary background. He is the co-founder of celebrated restaurants Kingi, and Orphans Kitchen. Tom also founded Daily Bread in 2017 with Josh Helm and Patrick Welzenbach. Prior to Daily Bread, Tom honed his skills as a front-of-house professional at Orphans Kitchen and gained experience in winemaking worldwide. His approach to food and hospitality embodies his passion for sustainable practices and community building.