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Community Notice Board (Silver Lake) 2015
custom freestanding bulletin board, paint, silkscreen and UV print on aluminium plates, pins, staples, tape, and concrete
2500 x 1700 x 300mm
courtesy of Hopkinson Mossman (Booth C3) and the artist

As with much of Fiona Connor’s work, Community Notice Board (Silver Lake) (2015) looks at first like a found object that has been transplanted to the exhibition space. In reality, however, it is a meticulous facsimile. The piece is one of a series of reproductions of notice boards from locations visited by the artist, including Switzerland, New York, and parts of California (where the New Zealand-born Connor now resides). While it includes elements of particularity, and thus may be understood to express the distinct identity of the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Silver Lake, the work also hints at the sometimes humdrum threads of commonality that connect different people and places.

Image: Fiona Connor, Community Notice Board (Riverside), 2015. Courtesy of the Chartwell Collection, Hopkinson Mossman, and the artist.