Squiggla Making Space



Squiggla is a hands on mark making programme to help develop and strengthen our innate creative thinking. The Chartwell Trust developed Squiggla so we can all exercise our creative minds through the power of mark making.

At the 2024 Aotearoa Art Fair, you are invited to indulge in the Squiggla Making Space and use the visual language of marks, dots and lines along with a variety of mark making tools.


Squiggla activities embrace playfulness through chance and visual exploration, so you will quickly find that Squiggla feels more like ‘free independent invention’ rather than ‘representation’ and more like a series of intuitive visual exercises rather than ‘art’. In the making process, you will begin to trust and relax, rather than judge and define.



Through Squiggla mark making, we focus on our imagination and instincts to feel the flow of creative connections. We allow our senses and curiosity to take over through direct and free flowing compositions right on the page. Pretty soon, you start to notice that your marks have their own distinctive rhythms and character as you become more playful with the ways they are created. Squiggla gives adults the freedom to discover their own creative process again. If you also bring along your family to the Squiggla Making Space, you can share in the joy that all youngsters have to create freely with energy and action – right on the page.