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On the verge of Invention!

“Play involves sheer delight in the possibilities of invention” Maurice Merlau-Ponty.

Squiggla Making Space presents INVENT 2024 at the Aotearoa Art Fair in 2024. Squiggla’s creative mark making programme offers hands-on, playful ways to experience the joy of invention, tapping into your intuition and imagination along the way. Squiggla is designed for all ages to break away from familiar ways of making to invent new ideas and to experience a sense of creative flow.   

Squiggla is a gateway to deeper aesthetic engagement with the artworks at the Fair, so we welcome workmates, families, collector groups and school classes to Squiggla’s INVENT 2024 programme. The hands-on activities focus on generating new ways of making – test out your own inventive mark making on paper, invent new tools to create an infinite variety of marks, dots and lines.  Squiggla encourages everyone to embrace playfulness through chance, visual exploration and invention.“There are no mistakes with Squiggla” says Squiggla’s co-director Sue Gardiner, “In the making process, you will begin to trust and relax, rather than judge and define”.

Through free flow mark making, every participant in the Making Space can discover their innate creativity and become more alert to the visual world. Squiggla gives adults the freedom to rediscover their own creative process again, and families can share in the joy of creating and inventing freely. 

The Squiggla Making Space is the outreach project of the Chartwell Trust, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2024. Since 1974, Chartwell’s mission has been to support, demonstrate and articulate the value and impact of creative visual thinking. With Squiggla, we recognise that creative experiences are important for everyone, from confident creators to curious participants wanting to become more experienced in creative activities. 

Squiggla invites you to be immersed in the wonderful materials on offer, meet our team of educators and artists and find out how to take Squiggla to your workplace, family home or school. Talk to us about the great resources on the Squiggla website. INVENT 2024 from 18th to 21st April, Level 1, Aotearoa Art Fair. 

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All images credit to David St George