At The Fair


Artist Talks, from Thursday to Sunday, will be posted soon.


The Auckland Art Fair bookshop will feature a diverse selection of the very best art and photo books being produced in New Zealand today.

Visit the bookshop upstairs on the Mezzanine level of The Cloud at the Auckland Art Fair to purchase limited copies of the best art books on the market.

My Art

My Art is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easier to own original art through galleries by providing interest-free loans.

Our mission is to support artists and the vibrancy of the New Zealand art scene by making the purchase of art more accessible - so everyone can experience the joy of living with art. My Art pay the gallery directly, so you can take your art home and enjoy it straight away, knowing the artist has been paid in full.

Interest-free loans are available from $1,000 to $50,000, require a 10% deposit and nine equal monthly repayments.

Come and see our team at the Art Fair to find out more. We can process applications and approvals at our stand or you can get pre-approved online today to make it even easier!

Samoa House Library Reading Room

Samoa House Library is an open and evolving educational platform that has emerged in response to the forthcoming closure of the University of Auckland’s Fine Arts, Music and Architecture and Planning Libraries.

For the Auckland Art Fair 2019, Samoa House Library - in collaboration with Ngatahi - present a reading room, a transitory space that reflects the fundamental importance of research and criticality to contemporary arts in Aotearoa.

All galleries participating at the Art Fair will be invited to contribute texts and resources relevant to their own presentations. Samoa House Library will make these available at the Fair as a Reading Room.

In addition, the public are invited to bring copies of their favourite art books to the Art Fair to donate to Samoa House Library.  The library has a unique cataloguing system that acknowledges donor or provenance by cataloguing books under the initials of the donor, making the collection reflective of the community that built it.

Samoa House Library has also commissioned a series of affordable artist editions from prominent local and international artists. These editions focus on the pivotal role of research and literature in artistic practice, and will reflect the individual preoccupations of each artist.  These editions will be available for purchase at the Art Fair.

Established in 2018, Samoa House are currently running a Boosted campaign to secure the lease on the library space in Samoa House on K’ Rd for the next year.