Teresa HR Lane

Friday 19 April, 12:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Megan Dickinson Gallery Stand

With her wry sense of humour and ease at inciting the surreal, collage artist Teresa HR Lane rearranges the world and obscures our gaze in her confronting and fantastical works.

Megan Dickinson Gallery warmly invites you to hear Teresa HR Lane discuss her body of work Reimagining the Landscape.

Image Credit: Marissa Woods

Nicola Bennett

Friday 19 April, 12:00 pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, ARTIS Gallery

Nicola will be at the ARTIS Gallery booth talking about her artist practice – her creative process and the inspiration and influences relating to her paintings.

Kāryn Taylor

Friday 19 April, 11:30 am

Kāryn Taylor manipulates materials, light, form and shadow to challenge our perception of the structures that ground our reality. Her practice is informed by geometric abstraction, which stems from her interest in quantum physics. Taylor produces self-illuminating light boxes and multi-dimensional installations. The light boxes are intense in colour with their glowing lines of light that defy logic. They are analogue, glowing without power. Their illumination is striking; convincing many that there must be some kind of hidden mechanism or light source. The artist was a finalist in the Fulbright Wallace Award, Parkin Drawing Prize, the Waikato Contemporary Art Award and the Lola Anne Tunbridge Award. She recently exhibited a large-scale solo exhibition ‘Future Philosophies’ at The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson (2023). She lives and works in Māpua, Nelson.

Wi Taepa

Friday 19 April, 12:30 pm

Wi Te Tau Pirika Taepa (Te Arawa, Ngāti Whakaue, Te Āti Awa) is a master of Māori clay art, with a career spanning over 30 years. Taepa is celebrated for his unique practice. The artist has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally, including a solo exhibition at City Gallery Te Whare Toi Wellington in 2012 and a retrospective in 2018 at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. In 2022 Taepa was a recipient of the Platinum Jubilee Queen’s Birthday Honours and was appointed as an Officer of the Order (ONZM) for his services to Māori art, particularly ceramics.

Four Worlds Tarot Curatorium

Friday 19 April, 2:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Jonathan Smart Gallery / Emily Gardener Projects

Emily Gardener will lead an in-conversation with the Four Worlds Tarot Curatorium: Julia Morison ONZM, Alice Bonifant, Harriet Herlund and Dr Anna Smith, who will share insights into their immersive installation at the Aotearoa Art Fair, which explores the power that artistic forms and materials hold to convey symbolic meaning.

Lottie Consalvo

Friday 19 April, 3:00 pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Föenander Galleries

Lottie Consalvo is a celebrated artist living and working on the land of the Awabakal and Worimi people in both Newcastle and Pindimar NSW, Australia. Consalvo’s works explore the human psyche, imagination, dreams, memory and their place in the real.

Lottie Consalvo will be conversation with Graeme Douglas, host of The Good Oil Podcast and speak to her practice and exhibited body of work.

Susanne Kerr

Friday 19 April, 3:30pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Gallerysmith

The practice of Wellington-based artist Susanne Kerr hovers over the intersection between painting, drawing and collage. Her large scale but intimate works examine our relationship with the natural world and the social connections that drive human behaviour. During this short talk, Kerr will offer some insights into her mixed media practice.

Joe Sheehan

Friday 19 April, 4:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Tim Melville

Surface Tension is the name given to Joe Sheehan’s series of carved stone bottles, containers and industrial vessels – a selection of which will be shown in the Tim Melville Gallery booth.

The artist will speak about these recent works described by writer Greg O’Brien as reminders… “that the paraphernalia of our ordinary lives – the Tupperware and the screw-top – will in time become the fossils of the present age.”

Sam Michelle

Saturday 20 April, 11:30am
Aotearoa Art Fair, Martin Browne Contemporary

Artist Sam Michelle will discuss her solo presentation Rapunzel’s Garden with Martin Browne Contemporary Associate Director Dominic Kavanagh.

John Reynolds

Saturday 20 April, 12:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, McLeavey Gallery

John Reynolds at the McLeavey Gallery booth introducing his presentation of new work, in collaboration with Karl Maughan.

Hannah Ireland

Saturday 20 April, 12:30pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Jhana Millers

Join artist Hannah Ireland and Zoe Black, Deputy Director at Objectspace, for a Q&A, on Hannah’s solo presentation, Tossing & Turning, at the Aotearoa Art Fair 2024.

James Drinkwater

Saturday 20 April, 1:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Nanda\Hobbs

James Drinkwater in conversation with Gallery Director Ralph Hobbs about his body of work titled Fronte Oceano (ocean face).

“Fronte Oceano Blue pushed out from underneath. It’s the sea, it’s the sky, it’s the harbour; it’s the deep well of your eyes, behind them an ocean and its contents. I feel as if I’m coming up for air and the paintings now have lungs. Fronte Oceano (ocean face) is an intimate navigation of life by the sea. For the first time, I’m not only looking down into rock pools or across the sea floor, but also out and above into the infinite. I’m emptying the minds of my loved ones onto the canvas—specifically the cinema of dreams.” – James Drinkwater, 2024

Ina Arraoui

Sunday 21 April, 2:30pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Railway Street Gallery

You are invited to join Ina Arraoui at the Railway Street Gallery booth as she takes us on a quick explanatory journey into the history and beauty of the Intaglio printmaking process. It is a process of constantly reworking the plate, by relentlessly adding and subtracting marks, it is sculptural and the endless possibilities of varying intaglio techniques often results in artists combining several on one matrix, pushing their materials to achieve their conceptual ideas. An understanding of this process invites you into a new understanding of the work.

Tony Lane

Saturday 20 April, 3:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, OREXART

Tony will talk about his new body of work Take the Weather With You, refer to specific paintings on the stand, along with talking about influences and living in and travelling in Spain and having dogs as gallery assistants.

Signed limited edition books will be available for purchase.

Rosy & Rich

Sunday 21 April, 1:30pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Megan Dickinson Gallery

The collaborative synergy of Rosy & Rich finds its roots in art history, a nuanced exchange of ideas, shared perspectives, and at times, spirited debates. We warmly invite you to hear from the artists and gleen how their artistic process unfolds.

Image Credit: Kenneth Adams

Cristina Popovici and Ryan Carter

Sunday 21 April, 12:00pm
Aotearoa Art Fair, Black Door Gallery

Art and Psyche, discover the work of Cristina Popovici, Ryan Carter and other sculptural works in the Black Door Gallery Collection.

Figurative artworks serve as instruments of identity: reflecting our image, embodying who we perceive ourselves to be, and how we aspire to present ourselves to the world.

This talk will discuss how artists explore the human condition, and ask the question: who perceives the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?

Hosted by Black Door Gallery Directors Neala Glass and Justin Ewins