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Through a series of open-ended artist projects, the fifth edition of Aotearoa Art Fair’s Projects is guided by the promise that visual artists can challenge us to experience the world anew. With an emphasis on commissioning and exhibiting the artists of today, the 2022 edition of the Projects presents a series of knotty conundrums that question the inherited thoughts, practices and understanding of land and geography as it relates to individual and national identity.   

 Using this exhibition opportunity as a social catalyst, the exhibition invites artists to directly and critically engage with a specific locality outside the art fair. Taking place before, during or after the fair, these artist mediations manifest as a series of interventions or responses that galvanise different modes of attention and participation in society. We anticipate that the artists will employ a range of strategies including humour, irony, semantics, nostalgia, and symbolism in responding to the exhibition premise.  

 Through processes of thinking, questioning, constructing, and deconstructing, the artists offer a forum to explore, critique and at times, better humankind’s paradoxical relationship to the outside world, while asking: How are we a part of, and integrally connected to, the landscape? Can we imagine a relational world in which humans interact with, rather act upon, others? How do we seriously consider te ao Māori cultural knowledge and traditions in the contemporary global challenges of co-habitation? How do we forge sustaining networks of communication and alliance?  

By articulating the rapport between humanity, nature, and life through the lenses of Aotearoa artists, the exhibition extends an invitation to a wide range of diverse audiences and participants, both within and outside the fair, to engage with a vision of society less fractured, and better defined by convergence. As part of each project, each artist will exhibit works in The Cloud that exist as a type of document, remnant, conduit, enabler, or proxy for the engagement with a specific locality outside the Art Fair. 




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