Blink Ltd

At its core Blink is a creative studio of three – two brothers and a childhood friend.

Problem solvers and big thinkers, Blink focus on creating value through digital and signage solutions.

Tucked away at the ‘Blink Factory’ in Eden Terrace, the team work on a broad range of projects, from brand architecture and strategy to signage design and installation.

Stop by sometime. The door’s always open.

Chartwell Project

Since 1974, Chartwell’s mission has been to understand, support, demonstrate and articulate the value and impact of creative visual experiences. We aim to enhance our understanding of the potential of the creative mind, and so encourage everyone to access and use both their sensing, imagining bodies and conscious, reasoning minds.

The Chartwell Project is pleased to support the Aotearoa Art Fair Projects for another year in the commissioning of a new work by Bellamy and Fauteux.

Connells Bay Sculpture Park

Sculptures by New Zealand artists are showcased at the Connells Bay Sculpture Park where art & nature are united to create special spaces for site specific sculpture. Viewing these art works on a guided walk in this is an experience to be treasured.


Cowes Bay Rd, Connells Bay, Waiheke Island

Creative New Zealand

Creative New Zealand encourages, promotes and supports the arts in New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders through funding, capability building, our international programme and advocacy.

The organisation proudly supported Projects 2021 at Auckland Art Fair: the commission of new works by Casey Carsel, Tanya Martusheff and Lucy Meyle; the Talks Programme and the inaugural Curatorial Workshop.

Latch Digital

Latch is a creative digital agency based out of the heart of Auckland.

Structured around a tight-knit team with a global mindset, Latch works with extraordinary people and brands to experiment, tinker with and create new ways to inspire digital behaviours.

Latch exists for brands with the ambition to lean into the wind. Regardless of the current digital outlook now, Latch roles out the roadmap to develop the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Latch worked with Auckland Art Fair to create a digital presence to align with the brand.

My Art

My Art offers interest-free loans to buy art from Aotearoa’s leading galleries.

Get approved, make a deposit on the work you want, then My Art structures the re-payment of the balance over nine months. You take the work home, and the gallery (and the artist) get paid up-front.

My Art was founded by collectors who are committed to supporting a more sustainable arts community in Aotearoa. We donate our profits to arts organisations throughout Aotearoa.

Find out more and get approved online at


Between stimulus and response there is a space. A space wide enough to fill with the greatest ambitions and the wildest ideals. It was in this space that three friends fathered the idea to create untraditional spirits from an untraditional country using untraditional techniques, and wrote the first chapters for a book where the ending is unknown, but the title is undeniably; Scapegrace.





Seresin Estate, located in Marlborough, NZ, was founded by Michael Seresin in 1992, and is one of the country’s first organic and biodynamic wine producers. Tucked away in the folds of the Southern Valleys sub region, Seresin’s single estate vines hail from the clay & alluvial soils of the Raupo Creek Vineyard.
Certified BioGro organic and biodynamically farmed, all grapes are hand-picked.  Wild yeast fermentation along with minimal intervention in the winery produces wonderful, unique and complex wines. These resulting wines capture the essence of the vineyard’s energy and vibrancy, making every bottle of Seresin a genuine reflection of its provenance.
Seresin, wine of Passion, Grace & Spirit.

To find out more about Seresin Estate wines and olive oils, please click here.



Squiggla Making Space

Energise your creative mind and connect with your imagination
Squigga is a hands on mark making programme to help develop and strengthen our innate creative thinking. The Chartwell Trust developed Squiggla, which is backed up by Squiggla Online features, so we can all exercise our creative minds through the power of mark making.

In the Squiggla Making Space at the 2022 Aotearoa Art Fair, you are invited to break free from pressured calls for representational drawing. Instead, Squiggla activities focus on using the visual language of marks, dots and lines along with a variety of mark making tools to help us to be alert to the visual world and encourage the generation of new visual ideas.  Squiggla activities embrace playfulness through chance and visual exploration, so you will quickly find that Squiggla feels more like ‘free independent invention’ rather than ‘representation’ and more like a series of intuitive visual exercises rather than ‘art’. In the making process, you will begin to trust and relax, rather than judge and define.

Through Squiggla mark making, we focus on our imagination and instincts to feel the flow of creative connections. We allow our senses and curiosity to take over through direct and free flowing compositions right on the page. Pretty soon, you start to notice that your marks have their own distinctive rhythms and character as you become more playful with the ways they are created. Squiggla gives adults the freedom to discover their own creative process again. If you also bring along your family to the Squiggla Making Space, you can share in the joy that all youngsters have to create freely with energy and action – right on the page.

Play-Make-Imagine-Invent – Connect your way to being a creative Squigglamaker at the Aotearoa Art Fair. Note: School tours will start and end at the Squiggla Making Space.







Yu Mei

Yu Mei is a leather goods label devoted to the creation of understated luxury. Each bag design is born from the ethos that simplicity is complexity resolved, built for purpose to carry with ease.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Yu Mei’s mission is to create quality products that will weather your journey with you. In 2020, Yu Mei opened its first Auckland location at Britomart’s Commercial Bay shopping precinct, a short distance from the Auckland Art Fair’s waterfront hub.

Yu Mei is known for minimal design aesthetics with a strong focus on utility, by women for women – carrying with you everything you actually need in a day. Yu Mei aims to inspire and engage forward-thinking women and men who understand refined, utilitarian aesthetics and commitment to a high-quality product that stands the test of time.

Yu Mei is pleased to partner with Auckland Art Fair on the projects 2021 with the commissioning of a new work by Ashleigh Taupaki, which will be presented at the Newmarket store opening in February. Discover the range at 


Victoria University of Wellington

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is New Zealand’s globally ranked capital city university. The University is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a proud tradition of academic excellence.

The vision of Te Herenga Waka is to be a world-leading capital city university and one of the great global-civic universities. As such, the University is committed to ensuring our communities benefit from our internationally respected academic excellence. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring our research informs policy and leads thinking on major questions and issues. The University’s areas of academic distinctiveness address local, national and global challenges, with a focus on Wellington, New Zealand and the Asia—Pacific.

The University consistently produces high-quality graduates who are well equipped for the international workforce and follow in the footsteps of the many alumni who have become scholars, inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and civic leaders throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Victoria University of Wellington is home to the Adam Art Gallery Te Pataka Toi, New Zealand’s leading university art gallery, which runs a highly regarded programme of exhibitions and manages the University’s nationally significant art collection.

Tiffany & Co.

Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has become synonymous with elegance, fine craftsmanship and creative excellence. Today, Tiffany is a global design house at the forefront of innovative jewellery design and expert craftsmanship. With a longstanding history of design partnerships with iconic designers such as Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti & Paloma Picasso, these gifted designers have influenced the world with their singular vision and distinctive ideas.

Tiffany & Co. is delighted to partner with the 2022 Aotearoa Art Fair, the preeminent contemporary art event, commissioning a work by Biljana Popovic as part of the 2022 Projects initiative. We  invite you to visit our boutique located at Britomart, Auckland. Please click here to connect with our store concierge to arrange a viewing.



Founded in 1811 in Epernay, Maison Perrier-Jouët is one of France’s most historic and distinctive champagne houses, renowned for its floral and intricate champagnes which reveal the true essence of the Chardonnay grape and an enduring tradition of savoir-faire – an unparalleled expertise of only seven Cellar Masters since its foundation.

A boutique house with a family spirit, Perrier-Jouët has been profoundly influenced by its founders’ love of nature and art – twin inspirations which allow it to create exceptional experiences and moments of wonder that enhance everyday life. Since its 1902 collaboration with Art Nouveau pioneer Emile Gallé, creator of the anemone design for its Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque prestige cuvée, Perrier-Jouët has continued to commission work from established and emerging artists.

Perrier-Jouët is delighted to be the official Champagne of Aotearoa Art Fair.



Atomic  Coffee Roasters are a specialty roaster who have been at the forefront of the coffee industry since 1992. Using only fairtrade, specialty-grade coffee, we source, roast and blend our beans for a complex and challenging profile. With an enduring focus on the roasting process, we create hand crafted profiles using industry-leading Loring roast technology.

We’re a leader in the NZ Specialty Coffee industry, with a tight knit team of passionate and knowledgeable hospitality professionals, who believe in being serious about our coffee but not taking ourselves too seriously.

Read the full story about Atomic Coffee Roasters here.

Iffy is

Iffy is, is an initiative founded with a desire to celebrate creativity in Aotearoa New Zealand – serving as a testament to our local cultural display. Offering books, magazines, and publications by over 40 publishers from all corners of Aotearoa New Zealand, many of which you won’t find in regular book shops. Stop by and peruse the sweeping collection of more than 200 titles spanning art, photography, design and theory.


Iffy is will host the 2022 Art Book Shop, located on the mezzanine floor of the Cloud.

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Centre

New Zealand’s foremost contemporary art museum and global home of the work and legacy of pioneering kiwi artist Len Lye, New Plymouth’s Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre is delighted to partner with Auckland Art Fair 2021 as the exclusive Museum Partner.

To discover more of Len Lye’s remarkable kinetic sculpture and wider artistic vision visit the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre – see here.